Dua for Love Marriage in Islam

raising-handsAs we probably am aware from Islam and Islam give or give every single troublesome issue are explained by effortlessly path or in straightforward route and there is no making of irritate or inconveniences of utilizing that very formulae or rationale . The formulae or rationale is as per the following

Namaz :- Namaz is that things through which we got the all things we need or to want or burning on the grounds that in amid or going to and performing Namaz we acknowledge or cheer Allah and the acknowledged along these lines as assume we go to the Namaz of Asar and Asar Namaz four rakat farz and four rakat Suanat who is performing prophet mohamad exceptionally well i.e without missing yet today’s individuals numerous or different individuals just go to four rakat farz namaz , now the inquiry is arised how the thankfulness come in the going to of Namaz or performing of Namaz , assume the people in first rakat of Namaz Sanah read and afterward Alaham sareef read and after that any one surat or surah read ,this surah ,or sanah or Alhamsareef is utilized for the valuation for Allah assume I simply give the short case is that ALLAH HOO AKBAR meaning in this way Allah is the best of all , this is the energy about the Allah or Malekul mulk .

Marriage is the blend of the kid and young lady and the second definition is the point at which the kid makes male or man and when the young lady makes female and lady then it is said to be marriage , Marriage is the relationship amongst kid and young lady in immaculate or totally way or condition ,and this appears or makes by the Nikah which is for the most part utilized as a part of Islam when the marriage is going on or marriage in Islam is finished by the Nikah hypothesis or hypothesis which is finished by the Maulan or Molvi ji  family , Nikah makes relationship of for all time kid to spouse and young lady to wife i.e NIKAH makes or demonstrates the relationship amongst a couple for all time and it additionally indicates husband is for wife and wife is for husband in ordinary and unusual life stage importance there by typical means simple or straightforward procedure and anomalous means troublesome procedure or marvels .

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